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The Two Best Methods to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

The time: Midnight. Your stomach: Rumbling. For whatever reason, you simply can’t shake the idea of ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies from your mind. The need for baked goods can strike out of nowhere, and you need to do your best to prepare for such a situation. There are plenty of ways to satisfy a sweet tooth — it’s all a matter of what’s most convenient for you at the moment of the craving!

Method One: Delivery

What would we do without technology? As we thank our lucky stars for apps like Waze to guide us safely home and Facebook to keep in touch with our friends and family, we can also thank the programming gods for creating apps that deliver food. They’re easy enough to find; all you have to do is Google “bakery near me delivery” and BAM, you’re met with a host of choices. Whether you’re in a hurry and are short on time or simply don’t feel like leaving the house, there are plenty of hardworking delivery drivers who will happily be paid to hand-deliver food fresh from the restaurant or bakery straight to your door.

Method Two: DIY

Some people argue that they can’t bake. Those people are wrong. Anybody can bake as long as they have a recipe and stick to it, so find something online that is simple enough for beginners and doesn’t use any confusing terminology. Some great recipes for people who pretend they can’t bake are:

So long as you have all the ingredients you need and know how to operate your stove, you can do this! Sometimes homemade is the best-tasting food anyway.

However you decide you’re going to get your munchies, bear in mind this very important fact: There is no wrong way to get your fix of a freshly-baked snack. Enjoy!

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