Italian Restaurant in Derby

Dough Dough has been extremely busy since they opened in 2019. Dough Dough Derby is one of their recent developments, another addition to their line of vastly growing and popular restaurants. They were dead set on expanding to newer locations after the success their Chester restaurant brought, in 2019 Chester residents saw the beginnings of Dough Dough and help sculpt the Dough Dough  value proposition moving forward, although faced with difficulties due to Covid-19 Government restrictions, 2020 saw the introduction of their Liverpool restaurant. Their Liverpool restaurant, which was so close to home, made a great location as the buzz for Dough Dough was already sweeping across The Dee Estuary. This year has seen the opening of their Warrington restaurant which opened in April, this new addition to their franchise has been welcomed with nothing but support from the lovely locals. But Dough Dough are not finished there, Derby is their latest addition which is set to open very soon.

The location of Dough Doughs Italian Restaurant in Derby is Friar Gate which is on the main road in the city. A prime location with plenty of surrounding transport, there’s plenty of bus stations within walking distance, Derby train station is only 6 minutes away from the restaurant and there are also a number of hotels within 1-2 miles away from the Italian restaurant. A great choice of location in the heart of the city of Derby which I’m sure will bring them great success like the rest of their restaurant locations.

With lockdown restrictions set to ease over the next 4 weeks, Dough Doughs is likely to be a hit with the Derby population once it is ready to open its doors soon. The upbeat atmosphere that Dough Dough brings with the bar within the restaurant, live music, DJ nights etc that we’ve seen in their Liverpool restaurant is likely to attract a number of people as the Derby location is surrounded by a number of different bars and pubs. For those that enjoy some drinks with some amazing food, Dough Dough Derby is a strong contender and with their late license you are likely to see Dough Dough open till 2am like surrounding bars. Dough Doughs Neapolitan-style pizza, calzones, garlic bread, Italian style herb breads, starters & sides and a range of different tasty desserts and much more are going are set to tingle the taste buds of Derby, the dough is raised over 24 hours in their traditional wood-fire oven, this type of attention to detail is what Dough Dough Derby are set out on providing the locals. Once they taste the freshest, thinnest base and delicious puffed up crust, it’s going to be a hard choice to pick anywhere else! They have a great team of friendly staff in their existing restaurants, I’m sure they are already well into the recruitment phase to ensure this is replicated for their Italian Restaurant in Derby, be on the lookout for when their doors open, you won’t be disappointed!

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