Eating Lobsters and Crabs Is a Fun Activity

Eating lobsters and crabs is a fun activity in and of itself. It’s not like eating other kinds of seafood at all!

There Are Special Tools Involved

When you’re at a lobster and/or crab restaurant Plano, the lobster or crab is typically served with the shell still largely intact. In order to get your chow on, you’ll need to use special tools that are designed to help you get the meat out of their shells. These tools are a steel cracker and pick. You use the steel cracker to crack open the shell by squeezing it hard between two steel halves, and the steel pick to pull out the meat from the shell.

You Have To Use Your Hands

Similar to finger food, you have to use your hands directly when eating lobster or crab. You’ll be using tools to help you get the meat out of them, but once the meat is out people typically use their hands to put it directly into their mouths. You can also pull the meat out with your fingers if it’s loose enough, forgoing using the pick at times. This eating process is a very tactile, enjoyable experience. You’ll feel the cold steel in your hands when you’re using the cracker and pick, and the warm, sticky meat will coat your fingers with sticky residue as you’re eating. You’ll get this satisfying feeling that you’re accomplishing something for yourself because you truly are working for that lobster or crab meat! The sticky feeling on your fingers is interesting and unusual, a feeling people don’t get to experience often in a modern world full of eating utensils.

Truly, eating lobster or crab is a fun experience, even a whole activity. The use of special tools and your hands to eat their meat will create a lasting and fun memory.

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