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3 Ways Employers Can Reduce Sick Leave

When employees take a lot of sick days, it can hurt the company’s productivity, put a strain on other team members and lower morale. While it is not possible to eliminate every instance of illness, it is possible for companies to reduce the number of sick days taken by helping employees improve their general health.

1. Offer Healthy Meals

Many workplaces have vending machines with chips, soda pop and other types of junk food. Unless employees pack their lunches or go out for lunch, their options may be limited. To combat that, companies can utilize the services of a Pittsburgh commissary or encourage employees to bring in their favorite healthy dish once a week for a company lunch.

2. Allow Remote Work

Sometimes, an employee may be out sick but are still able to perform some of their duties from home. For example, if people with desk jobs injure their ankles and cannot drive or walk well, then they may ask to work from home until they recover. Allowing employees to work remotely can minimize disruptions and make things easier for everyone. While it may seem counterintuitive, encourage employees to take sick time as soon as they feel ill instead of trying to power through. This can help workers get the rest they need and prevent the spread of germs throughout the workplace.

3. Provide Resources

There are many reasons why an employee may take a lot of sick days. They could have a chronic health problem, may lack access to care or not know how to get help for an issue. Providing resources regarding addictions, taking care of mental and physical health, reducing stress and the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise routine. Those resources can help staff members recognize issues and take steps to fix them.

No matter how healthy a worker is, they may need to take the occasional sick day. However, companies can encourage employees to take care of their health and provide resources that promote workers’ wellbeing.

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