headerWhile I was writing down my favorite bread recipes for this site, I realized that I needed to do more than just list the ingredients and directions, as you find in most cookbooks. There was scant information on method or technique. How should the yeast look? How sticky should the dough feel? How do you knead properly? How do you tell if your loaf is cooked completely?

I soon realized that short video clips on the different stages of bread making, combined with informative techniques would make the whole process less confusing and not difficult to understand. It really isn’t complicated or mysterious. It is a simple process that can be learned by anyone, and the rewards and benefits are numerous.

I don’t know if I need to list all the benefits of homemade bread to your health. You have control over the variety and quality of ingredients. Read the label on your next loaf of store bought bread. You do not have to consume the added chemicals and preservatives of store bought bread ( I can’t even pronounce some of the additives).

Not much can compare with the aroma of bread, straight from the oven. Your whole house gets that warm and “homey” feeling. The “Ooh’s and “Aah’s” of appreciative family and friends give you a real sense of accomplishment. And finally, the taste….mmmm…. delicious!!!

Hi-speed internet for videos recommended