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How To Choose Foods For A Healthy Diet That Is Good For The Body

Food selection is one of the keys to the success of your diet program success.

For this article I will divide it into two parts.

1. What foods should you not eat while on a diet program

2. What foods can you eat while on a diet

We start from the first part, the first food List is

• Foods that cannot be digested by the body

• Foods that harm the body

• Foods that trigger allergies

• Foods that are over-sized

Here are some simple trim you should do.

But basically all the food you can eat, the important thing is the portion.

Basically, if you eat fatty foods or sweet foods with high sugar content, your diet program will be really fast.

But the problem here is that you have to remember that diet is your lifelong diet.

You are not just one or two months’ diet complete, because our bodies don’t work that way.

You guys don’t take care of food properly so your body doesn’t work the way you want.

Success in the diet is calorie deficit.

There are so many people who do not succeed in their diet because they are really tortured with the diet that they have set themselves.

Sometimes there are also those who make restrictions, even though your body has been designed to avoid foods, psychological and our minds will not always be in line with the goals they have set like that.

So you can still eat the food you want, but still in portions where you still have calorie deficits.

Basically all the food you eat where you are still in a calorie deficit there will definitely be a fatlost.

But the difference is that you eat healthy foods and eat dirty foods, there are a lot of factors and effects produced in your diet.

So eat whatever you can eat while on a diet? I divide it into 3 parts.

– Does the food make you full

– Doesn’t that make your diet yoyo?

– Does eating promise long-term health

Foods that are suitable for dieting and adjusting to these 3 factors have 3 characteristics:

– Foods that are low in calories

– Foods that are highly nutritious

– Food that is filling

So, the conclusion

What foods you should not eat while running a diet program are foods that are poisonous, foods that harm your body, foods that cannot be digested by your body, foods that refer to allergies, and eating portions that are too over

Conversely, what foods you can eat during the diet are foods that are not processed, and are not made salted.

Eat foods that are whole food and highly nutritious, which is the key that makes your body give a signal to your brain that you are full, you have fulfilled nutrients for your body.

And you can still eat food that you like and favorite from time to time to snack, but the portion here is important.

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