Chinese Food

Has MSG Been Unfairly Demonised?

chinese foodOur restaurant focuses on noodles. It’s an establishment, as integral to the fabric of the local people as it’s welcoming to outsiders, with cheerful pale-pink tablecloths, friendly but efficient service, and plenty of delicious non-lobster dishes, too, together with the addictively crispy, caramelized fried Peking pork chops; a steamed half-hen, served with the requisite salty scallion-ginger-oil condiment; and full dim sum service on weekends.

Within the ‘80s, Rick Bayless popularized regional Mexican fare within the U.S., in cookbooks and at his restaurants, and because he is a white man from Oklahoma, his de facto stewardship of upper-finish Mexican cooking is controversial , even regardless of his fluency in Mexican tradition.

The third stage in the evolution of Chinese language meals and its presence in America commenced within the early 20th century, when Chinese eating places ventured to non-Chinese language neighborhoods, starting to create an omnipresent presence throughout the nation.… Read More