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Sriboga Easymix, The Latest Breakthrough and Convenience in Cooking with Premix Flour

Sriboga Easymix formally launched in December 2015 as a versatile flour without MSG bonus. Using innovative technology and premium wheat germ, it allows you to maintain the freshness of whatever you choose to cook.

Types of Sriboga Easymix, Best Selling Product from PT Mulia Inti Pangan

Behind all these good things, there is one name that helps the brand succeed in attracting customers: PT Mulia Inti Pangan. This flour producer was established in 2019, first a division at the base of PT Sriboga Flour Mill. Since then, the industry has developed a wide variety of flours, including Sriboga Easymix as one of the best.

To personalize customer needs, PT Mulia Inti Pangan divides Sriboga Easymix into 2 main types: Consumer and Reliable. For the consumer side, premix flour provides delicious dishes with quality ingredients starting from the home kitchen. Meanwhile, Handal types share the best culinary experiences from businesses to their customers. Here’s the explanation:

1. Savory Taste

Using European technology and premium ingredients, the product stays crispy for a long time. A combination of 100{31f3947bba9aa8e7d2948572be5f49e4e331a20a4e0066db9a11a609fd01c353} to create delicious Kentucky-style fried chicken with a crunchy texture and golden brown pattern. You don’t need extra ingredients because flour already has it.

2. Multipurpose Sriboga Easymix Flour (Suitable for all preparations)

A 100{31f3947bba9aa8e7d2948572be5f49e4e331a20a4e0066db9a11a609fd01c353} combination for the creation of crispy fried savory dishes with authentic Indonesian flavors and textures. A high quality premix that promises constant and reliable results every time, premix also gives you fast preparation time and a large frying tolerance.

3. Making Japanese Tempura

Creates authentic Japanese-style tempura that is light and crunchy with perfect coverage and pale golden. You can make perfect Japanese tempura by using this tempura premix.

4. Sriboga Easymix Fried Banana

Creating fried bananas (fried bananas) are savory and crunchy. With a flash of prep time, you can get the authentic taste of fried bananas.

5. Fish n’ Chip

It’s perfect for British-style batter-fried fish because the flour helps your dish stay crispy for a long time.


Sponge roll made with Sriboga Easymix Vanilla Sponge

Types of Reliable Sriboga Easymix contains a variety of flours, including 4 flours in the Consumer category. The others are:

1. Sriboga Easymix Vanilla Sponge

A premix flour and versatile cake that combines premium ingredients and the latest European technology to create great quality cakes without change. This creates an immutable result with a moist and creamy texture.

2. Sriboga Easymix Pancakes

The perfect weekend meal is just around the corner, and this premix helps you get even more creative with the recipes. Wheat flour that is easy and affordable is suitable for your cake business.

3. Waffle Sriboga Easymix

Superbly crafted sweet premix, waffle premix makes it easy for any chef to cook beautiful waffles. Suitable for those of you who are very interested in the waffle business.

4. Sriboga Easymix Donuts

A sweet treat that can be made yourself, premix donuts will definitely support your donut craft, making the business grow rapidly as before.

Benefits of Sriboga Easymix

The combination of Sriboga Easymix in cake making

Curious what are the benefits of Sriboga Easymix for your cooking? In fact, there are many benefits from it. Here they are:

1. Improve the quality and consistency of production

Sriboga Easymix offers greater consistency, creating products that are more immutable from multiple perspectives such as taste, aesthetics and functionality. Furthermore, it also helps to improve the overall quality of the final product.

2. Promote a healthier lifestyle with a savory premix without MSG

Since no MSG is added to the 220 g Savory edition, it improves the health of you and your family which in turn helps reduce the risk of disease. So, there’s no need to be afraid of your fried chicken, tempura, or even fried bananas—healthier than ever with this Savory edition from Sriboga Easymix.

3. Share ultra convenience

While the majority of people believe that bakers make their products from scratch, that’s not really the case. They use premix as one of their core ingredients. In addition, you do not need to combine all the ingredients from scratch because it has provided most of their needs without having to produce a lot of energy and expertise.

4. Reduce production fee

Sriboga Easymix has mixed most of the ingredients into one premix. This definitely reduces the cost as the baker doesn’t have to buy every ingredient. As a result, they can distribute their expenses for other needs, or even save them for later use.

5. Allows to be more creative

No more monotonous baking—this premix flour lets you be more creative in preparing and combining ingredients. Standards are great, but when creativity flows through your cooking, all sorts of magic can happen.

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