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Jiří Zlatuška

cheap eatsYou’re on the lookout for somewhere to eat out in Amsterdam, however you are strapped for money; we have all been there. Krung Siam Thai is without doubt one of the finest options in that district—prices are quite accessible, and the food is contemporary, scrumptious, and genuine. It is certainly cheap but the meals does not come quick at Petra Shawarma — a price we fortunately pay for the dearth of shortcuts within the kitchen.

The rest of the menu is equally well executed, from the comforting braised-beef noodle soup or dumplings in spicy sauce to pork ears and trotters, beef tendons, rooster feet, and tripe for the adventurous. For extra places to eat, drink, and get bizarre in the Windy City, check out the remainder of the MUNCHIES Information to Chicago right here , and when you’re at it, watch the Chicago episode of our sequence The Pizza Show.

Regulars swear by the peerlessly crisp, fried karaage hen with ponzu dipping sauce and the plump gyoza and donburi sashimi bowls, in which jewel-like uncooked seafood decorates a mound of sushi rice. Ali Khan hits the Jackson Hole, Wyo., trail running for a delicious croque madame with mornay sauce in the morning and crosses the Snake River for a crunchy fried chicken banh mi sandwich.

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