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Bake Up a New Treat

Is your sweet tooth craving something new? Try a different twist on a tried and true favorite to change things up and keep it interesting. When you want to display your new treats with style, Case Manufacturers can come up with a unique solution for you. Get out those mixing bowls and measuring spoons and see what you can create today.

1. Candy Bar Cookies

This dessert combines two classics into one. Use your standard cookie recipe and replace the chocolate chips with pieces of your favorite candy bar. Place the bar in a plastic bag and smash it with a rolling pin for easy results with less mess. Try candy bars of certain color combinations for different times of the year, like red and green for Christmas or spring colors for Easter.

2. Mini Cheesecakes

Take your best cheesecake recipe and divide it into muffin tins for a smaller version of a delicious indulgence. You can also make several kinds at once, allowing people to sample many flavors. These are a great addition to bridal and baby showers and can even provide an alternative to traditional wedding cake.

3. Hot Chocolate Bombs

These trendy treats are wonderful to enjoy yourself and great to give as gifts. Simply place one in your favorite mug and pour hot milk over it. Just like that, you will have a cozy cup of cocoa to warm you up. Once you try this, you may never go back to the powder mix! They are not as hard to make as they may look, so have confidence to give it a try.
It is always fun to create something new, either for yourself or a loved one. The next time you get invited to a dinner party, offer to bring dessert. You will be the star of the show and leave people wanting more!

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