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3 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Knives in Great Shape

Kitchen knives are a great investment in your culinary repertoire. They are one of a chef’s most important tools in the kitchen. To keep them in tip-top shape, consider these three tips.

Keep Them Sharp

Well-sharpened knives will allow you to use them for their intended purposes with less effort, putting less stress on your hands and the knife itself. An appropriately sharpened blade should glide through food with ease — many chefs use the tomato slicing test to check whether a knife is sharp enough. If not, a mail-in sharpening service is a convenient way to get your knives back up to snuff, or a honing steel may be helpful for regular touch-ups.

Keep Them Out of the Dishwasher

Though a dishwasher may be a convenient way to keep your silverware sparkly, don’t use it to clean your kitchen knives. Extended exposure to hot water and clanking against other dishes may loosen the blade from the handle and dull the edge. Instead, hand wash kitchen knives in regular warm, soapy water with a scratch-free sponge or dishcloth. 

Keep Them In a Dedicate Space

Rather than letting your kitchen knives rattle around in a drawer (which is unsafe and potentially damaging to the blades), keep them in a knife-specific storage space. A knife block, magnetic strip or in-drawer knife dock are all great options. If you only have a couple of knives to protect (or if you travel with them often), individual knife sheaths, blade guards or a knife storage bag may do the trick. Whatever you choose, be sure to pick a solution that will keep your sharps away from curious children or pets, while also protecting your tools.

Kitchen knives can last a lifetime if cared for properly. By following these tips, you can ensure that can happen for your collection as well.

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