Best Noodle

OB Noodle House Ocean Beach

best noodleNoodle dishes and bowls are available all shapes and sizes. Fold in noodles and pour into a big casserole dish. As the noodles were hand-pulled, they were barely starchy and springy, making it fun to soak and separate the strands in the broth. Give the sauce a fast whisk and then drizzle it evenly over the noodles and stir fry the whole mixture for about 30-60 seconds or until every part is effectively-coated in the sauce.

As at different Korean restaurants, diners here with metallic chopsticks eat noodles out of steel bowls. It focuses on North Korean Naengmyeon, skinny, chewy noodles served in a cold beef broth as rich and sophisticated as one of the best tonkatsu with, among other treats, chunks of pear.

Positioned within the Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market & Meals Centre, Joo Chiat Beef King is famed for their flavoursome beef noodles befitting a King, whatever the easy and contemporary elements used. There’s one thing comforting about a large bowl of noodles. Unlike traditional pho, bun bo hue has a barely spicy, bitter, candy and salty lemongrass broth and is made with fermented shrimp paste and a thicker, spherical rice noodle.

Whether it is with soup or served dry, a bowl of beef noodles is at all times comforting with tender slices of beef and contemporary veggies on the facet. These bowls comprise bibim naengmyun, whose buckwheat noodles float in a spicy beef broth soup, topped with daikon kimchi, cucumber, beef slices, Asian pear, and half … Read More