4 Ways to Teach Kids PATIENCE!

Hey guys, so if you are constantly telling your kids to be patient you are definitely not alone. And the good news is patience is not about your kids personality, it’s something you can teach them. There’s hope we’re so excited to have Sophia thack, she’s an emotional intelligence expert a mom of soon to be four and the creator of Q wunder an amazing app that I will link below. Today we’re going to talk about teaching Patience.

  1. Practice Waiting: ¬†Start early to teach them that waiting is just a part of life. So get a timer or a little plastic hourglass for your kitchen and every time they ask for something set the timer for a minute. If they’re tugging at your heels and they want to know when dinner is ready so I have them set a timer for five minutes of playtime. And that way kids who don’t really understand what does a minute feel like and what does five minutes feel like they’ll all of a sudden start grasping the concept of time and they’ll know what they can handle and what they can wait for. And how about a little twist, every time they ask you again you reset the timer I don’t break them 10 minutes feels like. ¬†
  2. Play Board Games Together: Another fun way to practice patience is to play board games together. Because you have to take turns and you have to wait on each other.
  3. Reward Patience (The Right Way): Number three is reward patience the right way. So if I got my kids in the grocery store and they behave really well I’d love get and giving them a little treat at the end. But here’s the tip guys you can’t give them something that they’ve asked for. Otherwise they’re just gonna ask for everything in the store the entire time and it’s gonna drive you crazy. I have totally been there that makes so much sense. So much better when the reward is a little bit of a surprise and when it’s mom’s idea.
  4. Teach Distraction: Finally teach distraction. Distraction is the key to patience it’s turning your child’s attention away from what they want. And if you’ve ever met an adult that has any impulse control it’s because they learn to distract themselves at a young age. So if you’re standing a-line if you’re sitting in a Restaurant play games like I spy, a faux baby doll. W e play a really fun game called two truths and a lie. And then they figure out things about you that they never knew before. And so you’re teaching kids instead of getting frustrated here’s an opportunity to have fun. Sophia thank you so much for more awesome games on how to teach patients and other really important social and emotional skills check out the Q Wunder app patient my kids love it Sophia they love you in it.

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